12/15/2011 - Backup Server Move

We will be moving our backup server to a different datacenter.  This means that our backup server will be taken offline tomorrow (12/16/2011) and it will not be available again until 12/20/2011.

We will update this announcement as soon as the backup server is back online.

15th Dec 2011
12/15/2011 - Datacenter Relocation

We are moving to a new datacenter!   We are relocating our servers to a new datacenter in downtown Chicago, Illinois.  This datacenter will provide us with more rack space and lower latency connections than our current provider which will allow us to provide a better service to you. This move was necessitated by a recent announcement ... Read More »

15th Dec 2011
12/11/2011 - Softaculous Replaces Fantastico

We are pleased to announce that all of our hosting accounts will come with Softaculous which replaces Fantastico.  Softaculous has over 200+ different scripts available for one click installation. If you had previously installed scripts with Fantastico your installations were automatically converted to Softaculous so all of your information ... Read More »

11th Dec 2011
12/11/2011 - CloudLinux Information You Can Use

With the recent CloudLinux hosting announcement some of you may have noticed a few changes to your cPanel area.  The first thing you should notice when you login to cPanel is a few more information lines on the left hand side.  They include bars indicating your current CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Entry Processes as shown below. There ... Read More »

11th Dec 2011
12/07/2011 - iowa File System

Our iowa server is being worked on to try and resolve a read only file system.  We are working diligently to resolve the issue and the server will be back online as soon as possible. We will update this news post with more informaiton as we proceed. UPDATE: The corrupt file system has been recovered and the server is back online.  If ... Read More »

7th Dec 2011
12/04/2011 - Space and Bandwidth Adjustments

We have just increased the amount of space and bandwidth available on your account. You can review the adjustments by following the links below. Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting Semi-Dedicated Hosting Our lowest plans did not see much of an increase but once above our lowest plans, the increase in space in bandwidth is quite substantial ... Read More »

4th Dec 2011
11/29/2011 - iowa Server Reboot

We are investigating the outage.

The server is back online.

29th Nov 2011
11/27/2011 - Upcoming Announcements / CloudLinux Hosting

We will have multiple announcements coming in December and we will be posting them through our announcements page in the coming weeks. These announcements will include hosting package space and bandwidth increases, script installer improvements, bandwidth usage enforcement and website updates.  Please visit the following announcement link as ... Read More »

27th Nov 2011
11/19/2011 - Server Upgrades / Moves

We have upgraded our equipment and will be moving all accounts to new servers. We will be performing this move over the next few days. Please note that we will update you on the status of the move through this announcement. We will update this notice periodically with the status of the move and try to give you a clearer timeline based on your ... Read More »

19th Nov 2011
11/18/2011 - utah Server Reboot

We are rebooting this server to perform a critical update to software.

It will be back online shortly.

18th Nov 2011