We will have multiple announcements coming in December and we will be posting them through our announcements page in the coming weeks. These announcements will include hosting package space and bandwidth increases, script installer improvements, bandwidth usage enforcement and website updates.  Please visit the following announcement link as we roll these out.

We do have one very important announcement that we want to share with you right away.

We have implemented CloudLinux on all of ours servers. What does this enable us to do? It enables us to prevent one site on the server from affecting every other site on our shared hosting servers.

We are pleased to announce that through this change we will be able to offer a higher level of stability and performance to all customers moving forward. 

Each and every user on our shared servers will be placed in its' own virtual resource package that is continuously monitored. If your website hits predetermined resource metrics, your web traffic will be slowed down until it is once again below these limits. 

This ensures that everyone else on the server will not be impacted by one persons over usage of resources. We have been watching our support tickets as well as server usage over the past year very closely and have determined that a handful of individuals are impacting others by their website use. We can no longer allow this to continue in order to be fair to everyone that hosts with us.

We have set initial limits on every shared server, and your website has currently been under these limits for the past week. We will continue to monitor this through the month of December to determine the correct level to set these limits at. January 1st will mark the day that these limits will be finalized.

How does this impact you? 99% of you will see no impact, based on monitoring the usage this past week there have been only a handful of users that have been hit and the expectation is that this will continue to be the case. If you are affected and want to discuss this please send me an email at gustave@simplyhosting.net. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

We have given this a tremendous amount of thought over the past few months and truly believe this is the best path to further increase the stability and performance to all of our customers. We are excited to be able to offer you a much more stable platform to host your website and hope to provide further enhancements as we move forward.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

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